ishoudtellyou is an infamous ROBLOX spammer.


ishouldtellyou's real name is Sasha Primerov, and he is believed to reside in New Zealand. He is famous for so many things:

  • He thinks Butters Stotch is the largest known star and wants to kill a classmate of his who disagrees.
  • He has shouted "Hail Mussolini! Hail Hirohito! Hail Butters!"
  • He likes to spam Queen song lyrics in the chat.
  • Last of all, he has shown extreme aggression towards a Martha Speaks character (Helen's father/Daniel "Danny" Lorraine) - he was blocked for three days for saying his mother is gay and throwing insults (such as "kys") at him.


ishouldtellyou has spawned the infamous Nazi-like salutes "Heil ishoudtellyou" and "Death to astronomy and Daniel "Danny" Lorraine!" There are reports of a few users, whom like him, also spam Queen song lyrics in the chat.

Block logEdit

ishouldtellyou has been blocked once, for a period of three days.